Webinar June 2021

ONLINE WEBINAR: Should I stay or should I go?

Click here to view a recording of our webinar which took place on Tuesday 15th June. Please note that the recording omits the section where groups held individual discussions in breakout rooms.


In this webinar, CTI committee members explore decisions about making the first steps to work overseas in a low or middle income country within communication disability.

Leila Ball presents Part 1: What are your options? Leila is a community paediatric speech and language therapist specialising in brain injury, with several years experience working in Ghana and Vietnam.

Part 1 takes a critical look at the different types of roles in low and middle income countries, with a short presentation by Leila to consider the options available, some red flags to consider and resources to help you make a decision. This is followed by a practical breakout room activity (not recorded) where small groups discussed the benefits and limitations of anonymised job adverts for roles in LMICs. The group comes back to discuss what else they would like to know before making an application to any of these roles.

In Part 2 of the webinar, Natalie Bryan and Julie Marshall discuss positionality with a critical eye on the self; encouraging us to reflect on what we might bring to the role, our biases and power dynamics and perspectives from their own experiences. Natalie is a speech and language therapist working in South London with children and adults with learning disabilities. Natalie has worked as a speech and language therapist in Trinidad and Tobago. Julie Marshall is an academic speech and language therapist, working at Manchester Metropolitan University. She has previously worked in sub-Saharan Africa within communication disability. Natalie and Julie discuss their experiences and then take some questions from the audience.


Caitlin McWilliams chairs the webinar. She is an MSc student speech and language therapist, studying in Manchester and about to start work as an NQT in September.


If you would like a copy of the slides (including the job adverts and resources) please contact us.