CTI Committee

Our committee is made up of Speech and Language Therapists with a range of experiences working in low and middle income countries across the globe. If you are interested in getting more involved, contact us.

Julie Marshall

Julie Marshall  is a lecturer in communication disability at Manchester Metropolitan University and has worked for over 30 years in the UK and in sub-Saharan Africa, helping to educate SLTs and other professionals, carrying out research and clinical work, building research capacity and preparing Allied Health Professionals to work in the Global South.

Amy driskell
Amy Driskell
Emma Shah
Emma Shah

Emma worked in Kenya from 2000 to 2014 with mainly adults (neurological, stammering and voice) jointly setting up two hospital based SLT services, a local association for SLTs (ASLTK), several support groups (Aphasia, Stammering, Laryngectomy and Parkinson’s Disease), and organisation of several Kenyan SLT conferences. Now she visits around once a year and supports local SLTs as needed

helen head shot
Helen Barrett

Helen has worked in Tanzania, The Gambia, Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda (and soon Malaysia!) Her key areas of experience are:

Clinical: AAC, dysphagia, complex needs, early communication stimulation

Additional: refugees with CD, early childhood development (ECD), parent education, inclusive education, NGO training, cultural competence (publishing), sexual and gender based violence related to CD, policy development, cross cultural/linguistic practice in low-resource settings, SLT degree course design & implementation, student education.

Clare Parsons

Clare works as a paediatric Speech & Language Therapist in Belfast. She became involved with CTI after shadowing a VSO clinic in Uganda as a student and has made two trips to Mexico to support the SLT service in a school for children with cerebral palsy.


Lucie Hogger

Lucie is a Speech and Language therapist working with adults in London. She has previously worked in Uganda supporting service development and delivering post graduate dysphagia training and has been involved with CTI since 2015.

Jane Stokes Nov 2018 Ghana
Jane Stokes

Jane Stokes has worked as a speech and language therapist continuously since 1981 in a variety of clinical and academic roles, including 11 years at the University of Greenwich where she helped to create a new postgraduate diploma in speech and language therapy.  Her professional expertise covers support for children and families who speak more than one language and she has a clinical interest in how multilingualism interacts with communication difficulties. Latterly she has forged strong professional links with the newly developing SLT profession in Ghana. Jane has a strong commitment to enabling those with disabilities and disadvantages to play an equal part in our global society and has been instrumental in setting up BRiGHt, the British Ghana Therapy partnership www.thebrightpartnership.org.uk

Lois Ovenden

Lois has lived and worked as an SLT in Africa since 2012, firstly in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe and is currently in Gulu, Northern Uganda. Lois is particularly passionate about empowering the families of children with communication disability and mentoring local therapists. Her particular areas of clinical interest and experience are, TBI, Voice, Stammering, Community Based Rehabilitation, Down Syndrome, and Early Childhood Development.