Small Grants

We are delighted to announce the launch of our small grants scheme for communication based projects in low and middle income countries. Please scroll down for the link to donate via Paypal.

We will be offering grants of up to £100 to therapists working on projects which benefit people with communication disabilities.


  • Applicants must be trained Speech and Language Therapists or final year Speech and Language Therapy students.
  • Grantees must be able to demonstrate a measurable benefit for individuals with communication disabilities in low/middle income countries.
  • Priority will be given to projects which achieve the above aim through
    • Provision of training for those working with individuals who have communication disabilities e.g. attending conferences, online courses.
    • Raising awareness of the impact of communication disability.
      • E.g. software/internet for provision of online training
      • Cost of organising an online training
      • If you have an idea but do not know how to take it forward, we can use CTI networks to provide support.


  • Donations towards short term volunteering trips
  • Donations towards campaigns with political party affiliations

Conditions of grant:

  • Grantees must agree to write a report for CTI relating to the expenditure of the grant. A report is normally required before payment of the grant except in exceptional circumstances. The report may be shared on our website.
  • Grantees must send a photo demonstrating benefit of the grant (with permission for photos to be used on CTI website and/ or publicity materials)
  • The grant must be spent within one year of receipt of funds.

Deadline for applications: ongoing

To apply: please email to request an application form.

To donate to the small grants scheme via Paypal, please donate here:

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This page was updated 3.1.22