Preparation for working in Low & Middle Income Countries

2017 Update – Working in Less Resourced Settings: Guidance for Allied Health Professionals

This is a newly updated comprehensive guide produced jointly by CTI and its sister organisations for Occupational Therapy (OT Frontiers) and Physiotherapy (ADAPT). Of particular interest to Speech and Language Therapists interested in working overseas. Includes sections on:guidance pack

  • Preparing to work abroad, finding work, keeping safe, and returning home
  • Good practice guidance including approaches to working in low-income contexts, supervision and CPD, getting started in a new country, cultural awareness and promoting sustainability.
  • Dysphagia management: advice for practice in low income countries
  • Working abroad as a student practitioner
  • References for further key reading

Hard copies are available for £8.50 – please contact us for more details.

To download the guide, click here: Working in Less Resourced Settings 2017: Guidance for Allied Health Professionals

You can also download the different sections one by one following the links below:

Section 1. Thinking about working abroad

Section 2. Preparing to Work Abroad

Section 3. Starting Work

Section 4. Emergency settings

Section 5. Evidence Based Practice

Section 6. Moving & Handling Section

Section 7. Communication

Section 8. A note on eating and drinking difficulties

Section 9. Equipment and assistive devices

Section 10. Students section

Section 11. Returning home

Section 12. Resources

Other resources available from CTI:

  • A resource pack with information about possible volunteer opportunities for Speech and Language Therapists abroad.
  • A list of specific organisations which will provide more information about specific areas of Speech and Language or communication therapy both in the UK and abroad.
  • A list of useful contacts which might provide funding, education, training and useful contacts during any overseas placements.