Competency Framework

Welcome to the Competency Self Assessment Framework. The CTI committee have put together this document to help Speech and Language Therapists who are already working in and those who are thinking of going to low and middle income countries (LMICs). The framework is intended as a guide to the skills and knowledge you will need to maximise your effectiveness, confidence and self-awareness when working in LMICs.

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It is important to use this framework in conjunction with the document Working in Less Resourced Settings: Guidance for Allied Health Professionals (1) developed jointly by Communication Therapy International, OT Frontiers and ADAPT (Chartered Physiotherapists working in International Health and Development).


The competencies were inspired by the Global Health Competencies for UK Health Professionals (2) and provide a structure for considering your own competence. During their development, we consulted widely with colleagues working or studying in the field of communication disability in LMIC, SLTs from the UK who have worked abroad and CTI members. We also sought feedback from final year SLT students who were considering working abroad. We are grateful for their valuable thoughts and comments and have adapted the framework in response.


We welcome further feedback from colleagues who try them out and would like to hear how they are used. Please send any comments or suggestions to CTI.


We are happy for the competencies to be used but please reference us. This document is protected by Creative Commons licence.


To download a pdf of the competency document, please click here.