What is Communication Therapy International?

Our mission is to support professionals, including Speech and Language Therapists from high income countries, to maximize the impact of their work with people with communication disability in low and middle income countries. We are a Clinical Excellence Network (CEN) registered with the RCSLT in the UK. You can join our mailing list or follow us on social media and there is no membership fee.

Community support, Cambodia

What do we do? 

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You can follow us, promote discussions and get up to date information on this site, by following our blog and on our Facebook page. and Twitter.

Regular study days and webinars are organised for supporters. Topics relate to appropriate, effective and sustainable approaches to sharing ideas, skills and practice.

CPD for SLT graduates in Kampala , Uganda

Update on CTI support for Ukraine:

CTI supporters may wish to know that CTI, along with colleagues from the International Association of Communication Sciences and Disorders (IALP/IACSD) and the European Speech-Language Association (ESLA), are working with the World Health Organisation – Rehabilitation in Emergencies Initiative, in its response to the invasion of Ukraine.

We have been in touch with the Ukrainian SLT Association to identify needs for resources, training, and equipment.

We are contributing to the co-ordination of:

  • Education and training requests related to the support of people who experience communication disabilities and/or dysphagia (whether pre-existing or newly acquired), suitable for use in the emergency response within Ukraine for displaced services/persons, and for those seeking refuge in neighbouring countries
  • Identifying written resources and equipment that are needed
  • Developing guidance for healthcare workers who wish to travel to Ukraine or impacted areas to assist. Please note healthcare workers must only travel to assist as part of a formal team coordinated by WHO or humanitarian organisations. Further information will be shared as it becomes available.

We are also working with other international organisations to support their activities.

For an update on training requests, see our blog. Requests for training support within Ukraine and neighbouring countries will be managed through CTI.  As we receive requests for training, we will gather as much information as we can and, if expertise is required, we will advertise requests this through our mailing list and/ or the CTI website, as well as our social media platforms (Twitter @comm_ntherapy, Instagram #comm_ntherapy, Facebook: CTI Communication Therapy International).

The link below takes you to training we delivered in March 2022

Частина четверта: Терапія мови й мовлення, рекомендації щодо харчування – YouTube

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