Webinar November 2022

AAC symbols for Everyone and Everywhere

Webinar held on Monday 7th November
We were delighted to welcome E.A. Draffan to speak about liaising with local populations to support AAC services, creating and adapting pictographic symbols to suit local situations. The work grew out of a research project in Qatar and resulted in Global Symbols supporting ‘A Voice for every Child through open-source solutions and resources’ with UNICEF in Eastern Europe. It is hoped that this work will serve as a model to be replicated in other countries.
E.A. Draffan trained as a Speech and Language Therapist working in hospitals and clinics before specialising in Assistive Technology and digital accessibility. This led to further work in special needs for school age children and the management of an Access Centre for disabled students in higher education and more recently accessible web technology lecturing and research at the University of Southampton.  During this time, she collaborated in the development of resources for AAC users in Qatar, which led to the development of an open licenced multilingual Global Symbols repository and online training materials supported by UNICEF, initially working with countries in Eastern Europe.
To watch the webinar, please follow this link.