Covid-19 Resources

Below are a list of resources to help with explaining the virus in a range of languages, supporting patients with communication disability and so on. Please contact us if you have other resources you would like to share.

RCSLT has produced a list of links and resources 

The Coronavirus Tech Handbook is a rapidly evolving resource of tools, service and resources relating to the Covid-19 response. CTI has contributed among many others!

The WHO Academy has developed a new COVID-19 mobile learning app that is targeted specifically to health workers. Available in the Apple store and google play store.

Range of languages and easy to read resources:

Books Beyond Words have produced picture based resources aimed at people with learning difficulties who cannot read English. Booklets include Beating the Virus, Good Days and Bad Days during Lockdown, When someone dies from Coronavirus, a guide for family and carers

The Slum and Rural Health Initiative has put together these #stopcovid19 infographics are in over 55 local languages

Doctors of the World have translated NHS Coronavirus guidelines into 35 languages

Talking Mats have produced some easy to read coronavirus materials

Tactus Therapy have some resources and links re working with people who have aphasia  

Aphasia Friendly have a range of accessible information in several languages.

Widgit Health have a range of visual supports and easy to read resources for patients and professionals in a range of languages.

Easy Read Online. Information for people with learning disabilities.

Ripple Africa based in Malawi has downloadable posters in community languages and is also fundraising to spread awareness of Covid.

The Australian Aphasia Association have links to a range of useful resources.


The ISAAC Build AAC facebook page has links to a range of resources.

CALL Scotland update information about free AAC software which is available

Widgit Online is free for now with the code WIDGIT30.

Specific Covid Widgit symbols can be found here.

The Critical Care Covid-19 communication chart is downloadable here and soon to be translated into many languages.

The University of Pretoria Centre for AAC has produced boards in a range of South African languages  giving visual supports for things allowed and not allowed during lockdown.

Phrase Based Partner Assisted Communication Aid has lots of clear written phrases for patients to point at, created specially for intubated patients.

Smartbox has updated their Supercore AAC resources

Patient Provider Communication have a range of English and bilingual tools to help in health care e.g. visual pain scales, letter boards etc.

Tobii Dynavox has produced resources in several languages:

Filled with signposts to free resources, home learning materials, implementation supports, ICU communication boards, how to videos and virtual learning opportunities as well as extended trials of software. The content it being regularly expanded and updated.

Currently six AAC modules and six Education modules, all include a short learning video with accompanying free downloadable resource(s) and PDF with implementation ideas.

An AAC app which runs on iOS and Windows includes core words, topic messages, quickfires, behaviour supports. Includes pagesets specifically designed for Scanning and Aphasia.

Create printed and interactive resources using a bank of over 40,000 PCS symbols. Boardmaker Online also includes pre-made curriculum including AAC and literacy programs like Reading Avenue and Core First Learning.