Sandi Rehabilitation, Assessment and Therapy Centre in Zambia is seeking a Speech and Language Therapist to join its team for a minimum of one year. Accommodation, subsistence and local travel costs are provided but applicants would need to fund their own international travel.

Further information about the clinic:

“It is a private pediatric health clinic that was established as a social enterprise in April 2017 with the help of a rehabilitation centre in Malawi bearing the same name. Sandi is one of the first private clinics which uses a multidisciplinary approach, offering children Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy and Learning Support. It is also the only private centre in Zambia offering occupational therapy. We also look to include Child Counseling and Child Psychology for our clients in the future. The clinic is still in its infancy having opened in April 2017, so systems and processes are still being established as we grow and develop.”

Sandi RATC

For more information please contact:

Ebrahim Omer




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The Speech Therapy room