PhD Scholarship at Manchester Metropolitan University, Research Centre for Health: Disability, Ageing and Wellbeing.

Cultural competence in the provision of services to people with communication disabilities and their families. An exploratory study of the views and experiences of people with communication disabilities.

Project Summary:

The UK’s increasingly diverse population requires culturally competent services, including from Speech and Language Therapists. This studentship aims to increase understanding about how culturally competent practice is viewed by people with communication disabilities (PWCD) and their families. This will be achieved through interviews and stories from PWCD and their families.

A number of challenges need to be addressed in order to improve services for PWCD and their families.

These include:

  1. agreement on the terminology used by professionals in relation to culture and cultural competence;
  2. how PWCD and their families define, view and experience culturally competent services;
  3. how SLTs define and view culture and culturally competent services;
  4. how SLTs are educated to, and practise, culturally competent care;
  5. the impact of culturally competent service provision on patient and clinician-reported outcomes.

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